Washing Equipment

Washing Equipment

Concerned with food safety, product recalls and cross contamination? Thinking of converting to an in house pallet, not sure how to keep them clean? Looking for a system to handle multiple items? We offer manual and automated systems to wash anddry pallets and containers.

Pressure Washers

Portable hot and cold water washers use pressurized water to quickly remove dirt, blood, grease and debris and from floors, walls, pallets, containers and production equipment. Complete with a ha...

Pallet Washers

Keep your product sanitary with pallet washing systems from Cherry's Industrial. The food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries count on our stainless steel pallet washers in their daily operat...

Pallet Dryers

The pallet dryer is an add on component to most automatic pallet washers. The pallet dryers main function is to blow off excess water, removing up to 95% of the moisture present after cleaning....

Tray & Spacer Washers

If you ship tier sheets, trays, freezer spacers and handheld totes to outside warehouses, contract packagers and cold storage facilities and are concerned about potential cross contamination use ...

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If you have questions or need guidance on how to use our equipment, our video resources for industrial warehouses can be a big help. You'll be able to view demos, learn more about specific equipment applications, become familiar with product features and much more.

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Reasons to Buy

Quality industrial washing equipment can have a positive impact on your business in a variety of ways. Pressure washers, as well as pallet, tray and spacer washers and dryers, speed up and improve the cleaning process for less chance of cross-contamination
  • Things to Consider

    Are your pallets a good candidate to be cleaned?

    How clean is clean for your company standards?

    Do the pallets have to meet a customer cleanliness standard?

  • Questions to Ask

    How are you currently cleaning your pallets?

    What is your pallet made of?

    What are you trying to remove from the pallet?

  • Justify your Purchase

    Just one operator can load, dispense, wash, sanitize, dry, and restack.

    Saving labor and reducing workplace injuries

    Automated systems offer the minimal amount of touches

Overview of Washers

Different industries and applications require various solutions for keeping their equipment and facilities clean and sanitary. Cherry's Industrial Equipment is proud to provide an extensive selection of industrial washing equipment for sale that offers a broad range of capabilities. Whether you're cleaning plastic pallets or washing down industrial equipment, we're sure to have the machines capable of getting the job done right.

  • Pressure Washers

    Cherry's offers both cold water and hot water pallet washers for keeping facility walls, floors, pallets, containers and machines clean. Pressurized water shoots out of a hand wand with an adjustable nozzle and washes away dirt, grease and debris with ease.

  • Pallet Washers

    Keep your pallets clean and eliminate contamination risks with our stainless steel industrial washing equipment. An ideal solution for food processing as well as pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, our pallet washers are capable of cleaning all different types of materials of pallets, containers, spacers and totes.

  • Pallet Dryers

    Our pallet dryers furtherautomate the cleaning processwith improved heat and energy efficiency. These pallet dryers offer adjustable air temperature thermostatic controls and come available with fresh rinse and heated dryer features

  • Tray & Spacers Washers

    In applications where product contamination is a concern, our tray and spacer washers will help you meet strict sanitation requirements. Models feature 304 stainless steel construction and dual conveyor lanes for vertical and horizontal washing of freezer spacers, meat lugs, bread trays and other containers and equipment.


Not Finding what You Need?

Custom solutions are completely within reach. At Cherry's Industrial Equipment, we offer budget-friendly custom equipment solutions that are 100% tailored to your facility's needs, no matter how unique.

All of that comes with turnkey service and speedy turnarounds.了解更多关于我们的定制解决方案today!

Why Buy Industrial Washing Equipment?

Quality industrial washing equipment can have a positive impact on your business in a variety of ways. Pressure washers, as well as pallet, tray and spacer washers and dryers, speed up and improve the cleaning process forless chance of cross-contamination. They also increase productivity. You lower the risk of product loss, on-site health concerns and costly recalls while cultivating a more sanitary and organized environment. Our industrial washing equipment for sale is far more efficient than manual cleaning,saving labor and reducing workplace injuries.

Choose the Right Industrial Washing Equipment Models

It's critical to take a variety of factors into account to identify the washing equipment best suited to your requirements. At Cherry's Industrial, our team is here to provide the product knowledge and expert insight to help you make an informed purchasing decision that delivers the best possible return on investment (ROI).

We also provide custom design services to tailor-make industrial washing equipment to your unique specifications. Whether you need a model capable of handling over-sized pallets and containers or a pressure washer with the power and volume for heavy-duty industrial use, we'll develop a solution that solves your cleaning and sanitation problems.

Get in Touch About Buying Industrial Washing Equipment

From quality premium warehouse related products to unmatched customer service and technical support, we're the one-stop shop to buy industrial washing equipment and so much more.Contact us online或者给我们一个电话800-350-0011 sp请求eak with a material handling specialist and receive a free quote.

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