Plastic  Pallets

Plastic Pallets

Wooden pallets are no longer the industry standard they once were. Plants are increasingly turning to plastic pallets to eliminate product contamination, reduce cleaning time, and avoid heat treatment (required prior to international shipments). Plastic pallets also offer a longer service life, as well as lighter repeatable tare weights and dimensional consistency. Our sturdy plastic pallets are also constructed from FDA compliant materials. We offerstackable,rackable,nestable, drum, and export duty plastic pallets, molded or thermoformed in a variety of styles, configurations and capacities.

Heavy duty plastic palletsare a perfect replacement to wood pallets in production, clean room and mixing areas. Clean, hygenic, rackable, stackable, consistent in weight and dimension, chemical resistant, recyclable and re-usable.

The choice of the right heavy duty pallet, specifically when it involves plastic skids requires careful consideration. The best place to start is knowing exactly how and where your plastic pallets will be used in your company. If you are still having trouble deciding, contact us to guarantee you have the best heavy duty plastic pallet.


Stackable pallets are ideal for stacking, conveying and static storage. They're designed to enable the stacking of one fully loaded pallet atop another to maximize the vertical storage capacity ...

Edge Rackable

Rackable托盘设计存储大量连续ct in a selective, drive in or push back racking systems with minimum deflection or "creep". Molded from virgin or recycled plastics, available i...

Nestable Pallets

Nestable pallets are used to store and distribute product within a distribution network or supply chain. When empty these pallets save space and freight dollars on the return trip. They are light...

Solid Deck

Solid deck pallets, also known as solid top pallets, help you maintain a clean working environment. At Cherry's Industrial Equipment, we carry solid deck plastic pallets in one-piece or two-piece...

Export Pallets

Don't mess with fumigation, export stamps and complicated paperwork. Plastic export pallets from Cherry's Industrial Equipment can make life easier for you and your team when shipping goods overs...

Drum Pallets

Store, stack and move 55 gallon plastic and fiber drums securely and safely with drum pallets. The are a molded one piece design with recessed rings to control slippage and are FDA approved mater...

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Reasons to Buy

Plastic pallets are made of HDPE and they are extremly durable, lasting for a hundred trips and resist wathering, rot, chemical and corrosion. Plastic Pallets can be easily sanitized and have longer life span than wood.
  • Things to Consider

    Food grade required?

    How will you move the Pallets?

    Why Plastic Pallets?

  • Questions to Ask

    Are the pallets going into racking? What kind?

    What Color?

    Do you require FM Rated?

  • Justify your Purchase

    Prevent contamination

    Cut back on wood/splinters in products

Overview of Industrial Plastic Pallets

At Cherry’s Industrial, we offer a range of industrial plastic pallets with enhancements in durability, sanitation and customization that are unattainable with wood pallets. We offer stackable, rackable, nestable and export duty plastic pallets molded for your specifications:

  • Stackable

    Are you dealing with limited space in your warehouse? Stackable pallets enable safe, easy vertical storage that will free up floor space in your facility. We offer flame retardant, recycled plastic, HDPE and USDA-approved stackable pallets in various sizes. These pallets are available in multiple bright colors that make separating and organizing your products simple.

  • Edge Rackable

    Primarily utilized in food and pharmaceutical industry applications, our rackable pallets enable safe, convenient, sanitary storage of loads in racks above floor level, which saves space inside your warehouse. Rackable pallets feature sturdy reinforcement — they are molded with a material more rigid than our standard stackable pallets. Choose from multiple different rackable pallet sizes.

  • Nestable

    可嵌套的托盘放不下对方,保存substantial amount of space when not in use. They consume up to four times less floor area than traditional wood or stackable pallets. Nestable pallets also allow for more efficient movement of empty pallets — any where from 1,800-2,000 empty nestable pallets can fit into a truck trailer. Cherry’s Industrial carries nestable pallets in more than 20 sizes and made from recycled plastic or HDPE.

  • Solid Deck

    一个蛤p models are our most popular pallet turners. These stationary inverters have a load capacity of up to 4,400 pounds and come in five standard sizes to accommodate your load height requirements. With few moving parts, this can be a quality solution for any business that needs a simple but effective pallet inverter.

  • Export

    Export duty pallets offer a reliable, cost-effective solution for the one-way shipping of cargo. We feature nestable, stackable and export pallets made from recycled plastic, presswood and wire mesh. Choose from more than 10 sizes to meet your specific material handling needs.

  • Drum Pallets

    Facilities with limited space or a lack of heavy lifting equipment like forklifts might not be the ideal location for a standard pallet rotator inverter. The ground loading inverter is designed specifically to be used in conjunction with manual and electric pallet trucks, improving supply chain efficiency without the need for additional heavy equipment.

Not Finding what you Need?

Custom solutions are compeletely with reach. At Cherry's Industrial Equipment, we offer budget-friendly custom equipment solutions that are 100% tailored to your facility's needs, no matter how unique.

What Are the Benefits of Using Plastic Skids in Your Material Handling Operation?

Our industrial plastic pallets offer a host of benefits, including:

  • Flexibility:These lightweight pallets can serve the needs of light-duty tasks such as exporting, but they're also rugged enough to take on heavy-duty material handling challenges. Choose from solid top plastic pallets as well as open designs that allow liquids to pass through.
  • Easy to handle:The lighter weight of plastic pallets will reduce the risk of injuries to your material handling team and reduce your shipping costs.
  • Multiple options:Choose from rackable or stackable plastic pallets, and nestable pallets are also available. The nesting design requires less space for storing empty pallets in your warehouse.
  • Durability:Plastic pallets are surprising durable — this will result in an extremely low cost per trip over the pallet's lifetime. They also hold high recycling value when the time finally comes to take them out of service.

Use Plastic Pallets to Meet Your Company's Sanitation/Hygiene Requirements

Do you operate a company in an industry such aspharmaceuticals,chemical manufacturingormeat/poultry processing? Our washable plastic drum pallets promote fast, easy cleaning — you will be able to reuse them repeatedly and still maintain compliance with today's stringentFDA, USDA and HAACP sanitation requirements.

Heavy-Duty Plastic Pallets Offer Several Advantages Over Wood

If you typically use wood pallets in your material handling operation, plastic can offer several crucial advantages. Unlike wood, plastic does not produce splinters that could injure workers or jagged edges that damage goods during loading or transit. Plastic skids also provide better surface uniformity, making them a more viable option for today's automated warehousing processes.

The recyclable nature of plastic is also a benefit to any company that's concerned about being a good steward of the environment. And industrial plastic pallets are more attractive than their wood counterparts, which is an important consideration in industries such as retail that use pallets to display goods on the sales floor.

Plastic Pallet Applications

Durable, lightweight plastic pallets work well in a wide variety of material handling applications.

In addition to chemical/pharmaceutical and food processing operations, you can use them in just about any environment where you need to reduce shipping weights,increase safetyor minimize the number of broken pallets. If you operate a closed-loop warehousing or manufacturing facility where the receiving company returns the pallet to you after use, plastic pallets can provide an economical solution that can significantly reduce your long-term handling costs. If you're an exporter, you can use plastic pallets for low-cost, one-way overseas shipments that will ensure load stability during transport.

Contact Us to Learn More About Your Industrial Plastic Pallet Options Today

Cherry's Industrial Equipment gives you access to a team of knowledgeable product specialists who can assist you with everything from product selection and customization to ordering and shipping. We want to ensure that the plastic pallets you purchase solve 100% of your company's material handling problem. Give us a call at 800-350-0011 or contact us by email for more information today.

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