Our ground loaded pallet inverters are a perfect solution for when you are limited on physical space and forklift availability. The GL line of inverters offer ground level pallet truck entry for fast, easy lead transfers and product inversions. Any user can load or unload this machine with a pallet jack, a big bonus near clean rooms and mixing areas where forklift use is prohibited.

Stationary Ground Level Pallet Inverter Features

Improve the distribution and production of your warehouse operations with a GL pallet Inverter from Cherry's Industrial Equipment. GL pallet inverters allow you to load and transfer products pallet-to-pallet or from a slip sheet or rental pallet, making pallet swaps quick and easy. Our pallet inverters offer many space-saving and cost-reducing benefits, including:
  • Functions

    Floor flush tables allow for ground-level loading and unloading

    Load by manual or motorized pallet jack

    No ramp required

  • Operation

    Easy-to-use push-button controls on a control console or pendant

    Tube rails on the sidewall travel through the clamping plates for product support

    Standard rail guards or option high style personnel guards

  • Safety

    Turning basket and clamping maintenance locks

    Counterbalance valves to hold and maintain pressure

    Foot obstruction photo eye to protrct employee from pinch point

Special-Order Modifications

Pallet inverters can be an invaluable tool to facilitate an efficient and cost-effective supply chain. A number of different kinds of pallet inverters are designed to cater to all weights, movement requirements and supply chain needs. For example, if you need to load or unload your inverter using a pallet jack, a GL model is a great solution for those areas where you can't use a forklift.

你应该期待什么在一个托盘翻“马chine and what kind of pallet handling equipment will be most effective for your business? Start by looking at where you'll use your pallet flipper, and what kind of other heavy equipment you plan to use. Different models have their own load capacities and clamp pressure, so you should also choose an inverter that's best for your products and needs. Learn more about our different pallet flipper types below:

  • Operator Displays

    Most models come standard with push button controls for either manual or auto operation. Some customer applications or corporate specifications require an operator display. A special-order HMI (Human Machine Interface) gives the operator specific information about the machine status, the ability to input or pass data to a master control and to select functionality based on the type of product. Learn more!

  • Temperature Controls

    There is an ideal location for the new machine but will it hold up to the environment. Excessive heat can cause a breakdown of fluids and much shorter service intervals, while extremely low temperatures can make the machine sluggish and prone to hose breaks and fluid leaks. Special-order temperature controls include: heat exchangers, tank heaters, low temp/low fluid shut off switches and panel strip heaters. Learn more!

  • Pressure & Position Controls

    If your machine is part of the manufacturing process you may need more precise movements and speed control throughout the cycle. If it is used in a testing application, you may need multiple pressure settings and a feedback loop for process validation. Special-order linear transducers, pressure accumulators and pressure switches allow the operator to set exact parameters for speed, rotation, and force. Learn more!

Need to modify the standard offering?

We offer an extensive selection of options for the standard Ground Loaded machines. If, however, none of our stock options meet your specifications, we provide custom modifications as required. The first step is to contact a representative for a consultation. We'll work with you to determine the best way to proceed and provide a detailed quote. To get started, call us at 800-350-0011 or email our office today.


Floor flush tables allow for ground-level loading and unloading with a manual or motorized pallet jack, no ramp required. Two standard sizes accommodate a variety of load heights. Standard features include: 4400 lb capacity, push button pendant controls, forklift guards, rear fork pockets for transportation, jack bolt levelers for uneven floors, foot obstruction photo eye to prevent potential pinch point, interlocks - preclamp and unclamp proximity switches to prevent machine damage, maintenance locks, counterbalance valves to hold and maintain pressures, and a cross-port cushioning valve for smooth, balanced basket rotation. Upgrades include safety ready circuit, perimeter guards, light curtains, or safety devices for maximum protection. Standard finish is a Red two-part epoxy paint. Custom colors or Steel-It paint available at an additional cost.


GL模型特性地面访问,makes it a great option for product inversion in areas with forklift restrictions like clean-rooms, productions floors, and sensitive equipment. However, a customer should be aware that the transfer to pallets must be placed on top of the load with either an overhead manipulator, stacker or by hand. If using double-inversion process for product transfer onto a plastic pallet, a Pallet Changer may be a better hands-free option.Contacta Cherry's representative to discuss your application.


At Cherry's, we understand your need for customized solutions that help solve your most significant challenges. We'll work with you to identify the products suited to your particular plant or warehouse. Although our machines are made-to-order there are times when we keep some inventory in stock to help minimize downtime. Feel free to call one of our product specialists to get the details of our current inventory.

For over 35 years, we've been putting the needs of our customers first by delivering the quality, selection and value you're looking for, along with customer support dedicated to your 100% satisfaction.

Our Selection of Ground Loading Pallet Inverters

We strive to offer ground loading inverters capable of handling high capacities and a range of load heights to increase efficiency. Our inventory features two different models:

  • GL-75 Ground Loaded Pallet Inverter:These robustly built pallet inverters are designed to take up minimal floor space and are ideally positioned in staging areas near production sites and clean rooms that are inaccessible to forklifts. These ground-loading units operate on six button pendant control and adjustable 400 to 2,000-PSI dual clamping plates for safe and smooth pallet inverting. The GL-75 ground loading pallet inverter is designed with multiple features for protecting your people and your products.
  • GL-94 Ground Loaded Pallet Inverter:The GL-94 dual-clamp skid turner provides a maximum jaw opening of 112 inches to accommodate your tallest loads. The advanced design features adjustable clamping to reduce damage to materials while offering excellent stability inverting loads of all sizes. Models are easy to use and come with a three-year warranty on parts and labor.

Benefits of Ground Level Pallet Inverters

Ground level loading pallet inverters from Cherry's Industrial Equipment are engineered to speed up the processes of inverting heavy loads while avoiding accidents and injuries. The ground-level access eliminates the need for ramps or forklifts, and the automated tilting system reduces manual labor, freeing up your workers to be productive in other tasks. Our warehouse and material handling products are made to increase productivity and enhance the safety and organization of your facility.

Ground Loading Inverter Applications

Our GL-Series pallet inverters are engineered to invert or transfer loads on skids. These units are an excellent choice for inbound load transfers and can handle a broad range of pallet materials, load heights and capacities. From product manufacturing and industrial facilities to pharmaceutical, food and beverage and chemical manufacturing, having the right ground loading pallet inverters play a critical role in speeding up cycle times and increasing productivity.

Why Choose Cherry's as Your Source for Pallet Inverters and Other Warehouse Related Products?

No matter your business or industry, Cherry's Industrial has the material handling equipment suited to your applications and environments. In addition to our GL-75 and GL-94 ground loading pallet inverters, we also have the capabilities to deliver a customized solution based on your specifications. Additional reasons to partner with us include:

  • Over 35 years in business solving countless material-handling applications
  • Easy-to-navigate website and online selection
  • Great after sales support including maintenance service, parts, and technical support.

For more information on this see our related resources:

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