LT Model

LT Model

Load Transfer Equipment

Choose from our selection of load transfer equipment systems in our Load Transfer Series (LT) Models which are designed to transfer product from an in-house pallet to a shipping pallet or vice versa. Our load transfer systems are capable of handling 60 pallets per hour and yield the Return on Investment for the right company. Speak to one of our Product Specialists today to see if our load transfer machines are the right solution for your application.

Load Transfer Equipment Features

Our Load Transfer Series Model Pallet Changer is a fast way to safely and efficient move products in your facility. Whether you're transferring products from a shipping pallet to an in-house pallet or vice versa, our high-quality pallet changer is sure to enhance your operations. Other benefits include:
  • Functions

    Quick, fast load transfers without tipping or inverting

    Modular design, base unit is upgrade-able to add conveyors, dispensers and stackers

  • Operations

    Automatic operation handling up to 60 pallet transfers per hour.

    Easy-to-use lanyard controls

    A built-in stripper plate and a 40” x 48” loading table

  • Safety


    Perimeter guarding and other safety features available

    E-stop and HMI display /p>

Need to modify the standard offering?

We offer an extensive selection of LT Model pallet changers. If, however, none of our available inventory meet the exact needs of your application, we might be able to provide special modifications. The first step is to contact a representative for a consultation. We'll work with you to determine the best way to proceed and provide a detailed quote. To get started, call us at 800-350-0011 or email our office today.

Benefits and Applications

Pallet load transfer systems are a safe and fast way to unload products in a warehouse, shipping center, retail facility or other operation. With them, the risk of tipping or upending is virtually eliminated, leading to fewer on-the-job accidents and less product loss. They provide a smooth, fluid motion which limits disruption to pallet contents. This is particularly important when working with sensitive chemicals, pharmaceuticals or other delicate materials.

Our pallet load transfer machines offer modular construction that can be modified to suit your workflow and production requirements. We offer four core models:

  • RM1150-A:The RM1150-A is a standalone load transfer machine that can process up to 60 pallets per hour. It features a 4,000 lb. capacity, easy-to-use lanyard controls, a built-in stripper plate and a 40” x 48” loading table.
  • RM1150-B:The next step up from our base standalone model, the RM1150-B includes all the features of the RM1150-A, with the addition of an automatic accumulator that stacks and stores up to 15 unloaded pallets in a separate magazine.
  • RM1150-C:The RM1150-C load transfer machine features a built-in accumulator as well as a separate dispenser that automatically places a pallet underneath the stripper plate, making it suitable for use in confined spaces, sanitary environments and other areas where a forklift can’t go.
  • RM1150-D:RM1150-D是我们完全自动化的荷载传递machine. It is designed to integrate with a conveyor system. With it, a loaded pallet is conveyed into the system. At the same time, a new pallet is dispensed. Once the loaded pallet reaches the stripper plate, a hydraulic arm pushes the load onto the new pallet. Then the unused pallet is automatically stacked in a magazine, and the product is conveyed down the line. From start to finish, the entire process takes less than a minute.

Customizing Your Purchase

Our pallet load transfer equipment is a flexible platform that is designed to be modified in a variety of ways. In addition to the various upgrades we offer on the base model, we also give you the option of using a push, pull or clamping system to transfer the loaded pallet. Not sure which is best for you? Our engineers are available to consult on your application and recommend the right unit for your needs.
Looking for a high-capacity load transfer system, or one that’s further customized for use with nonstandard pallets? We can help with that, too. Let us develop a custom load transfer machine based on your requirements. Like all our equipment, our custom load transfer devices are made in the USA and designed to provide years of reliable service, even in demanding applications.
To learn more or to request a consultation with one of our specialists, please contact Cherry’s Industrial directly by phone or email.

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